I love to travel. And I love my travel bucket list. But, sometimes, I somehow manage to tick almost everything off that list. I know. It’s weird. But it happens.

And when this happens, I start looking for inspiration. Most of the times it means going around and asking my friends about places they visited that they liked and why. It’s a nice conversation: you not only get the chance to learn about some new place, but you also make your friends happy – reminiscing about the holidays puts a big smile on their faces.

This time, I thought I’ll take a somewhat different approach. I went around Instagram and asked random people (who like to travel) what their travel bucket lists are. I know, if you’re over a certain age that might sound weird (well, creepy almost). I also know that if you’re under that “certain” age, this approach is perfectly normal.

If you’re looking for some nice places to add to your travel bucket list, you’ll be well served (I have certainly found some gems. Aruba, here I come!)

The answers are the original answers to the DM message. I have decided to leave them that way because they show the degree of enthusiasm people have when they think about their next holidays.

There was someone who had holidays planned until 2020. That’s holiday goal!


We already have our itinerary planned until 2020. In our website locoporvino.com we talk about our travels, food, and wine.

Our first cruise will be this month and we will be sailing from Tampa to Puerto Costa Maya Mexico, Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel. Next one will be in April from Fort Lauderdale to Panama.


As far as travel goes, I have a trip booked in March to go to the French Rivera and Monaco.(definitely planning on going to a whole lot of wine tastings). I’m currently planning to go backpacking through Thailand with my close friend Angeles. Also, I’m hoping to squeeze in a hiking trip to South Africa which has been at the top of my bucket list for many years! 


Egypt. Antigua. Mexico City

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I will go in London, Paris, Mykonos (Greece) and Budapest.


My bucket list for this 2019 is Puglia (Italy), Jamaica, and Morocco.


On my bucket list this year is a trip to Borneo. Me and the Orangutans have had a date in the diary for a long time. It needs to happen! I write about my travels in gapyearescape.com


Ethiopia, Ibiza and South Africa


Traveling from Canada through the Rockies down to LA.


Japan in March to see the cherry blossom.


Singapore is top of my list since a while already.


Peru, Bahamas, and Portugal.


London in March and Santorini during the summer.


Kyrgyzstan and Paxos(She writes about her travels on her blog – alexandratolstoy.co.uk)


On my travel list are the following destinations for now: I have just returned from Valencia, next up are Paris, Monte Carlo, French Alps for skiing, Geneva, Roadtrip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, road trip through Sevilla (Spain), Lago di Como & Milano (Italy), London, Goodwood, Sölden (Austria), Lissabon & Ericeira (Portugal) and a few more trips planned which aren’t 100% safe yet… and of course probably plenty adding each week!


Faroe Islands


1. Bali 
2. Sydney
3. Melbourne 
4. Queenstown 
5. Auckland 
6. Lima 
7. Machu Picchu
8. Iguacu Waterfalls 
9. Rio de Janeiro
10. Buenos Aires 
12. London 


Top on my bucket list for 2019 is a big trip to India. I’ve traveled to 60 countries but I haven’t made it to India yet, and there’s so much about it that intrigues me—the history, the food, the people—everything!


Berlin, Stockholm, Marrakesh, Madrid, Lisbon, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.

What will you add to your travel bucket list?