This question was triggered by a quote I have read recently:

More is more and less is a bore.

Iris Apflel

And that made me think about how many bracelets I can stack on my wrist and still feel comfortable. As a convinced minimalist I thought I already had the answer: ONE.

But things took a different turn.

With photo proof, here’s how the test went.

One Leather Bracelet on a Wrist

That’s pretty much a bore, so let’s move on.

Two Leather Bracelets on a Wrist

And that’s where things start getting interesting. I thought I’ll make things a little more difficult and add an additional constraint: how many bracelets can one wear with a business outfit? Tough question.

Here I’m wearing two brown leather bracelets with amethyst and rose quartz.

Not that bad, isn’t it? Let’s see what happens farther.

The bracelets I am wearing:

Three Leather Bracelets on a Wrist

Here I’m stacking an amethyst, a smoky quartz, and a rose quartz bracelet on the photo on the left. The photo on the right shows two rose quartz bracelets with an Essential – Chocolate bracelet in the middle.

Too much? Maybe not that much. The soft color of the pale rose quartz makes the whole ensemble look rather balanced on the example on the right. On the left, a little more colorful, with a violet amethyst, a rose quartz, and smoky quartz, the stacked bracelets add a lively sparkle to the outfit.

I have only started having fun. And so it goes further.

Four Leather Bracelets on a Wrist

Not too much imagination here. I have just added an Essentials – Chocolate bracelet to one of the previous three bracelets game.

You can do the same with the other example above.

Another nice thing you could do, is play with the order of the bracelets and arrange them as it pleases you.

Or, replace the Essentials – Chocolate bracelet with the Tucana – the small rose quartz cylinder on chocolate leather.

Still with me? Let’s add one more.

Five Brown Leather Bracelets on a Wrist

I have just added the Tucana to the set of four above and I’m pretty happy with the result. I’ll probably stop here.

The answer to the starting question is six. For me. I’m happy with five bracelets stacked on my wrist. One more will ruin the balance and will make everything look just a wee little too much.