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MLC1948 - Amethyst Brown Leather Bracelet
MLC1948 - Fleur de Lys - Amethyst Brown Leather Bracelet
MLC1948 - Amethyst Brown Leather Bracelet

Fleur de Lys – Brown Leather Bracelet with Amethyst Gemstone


The matte chocolate color of this elegant brown leather bracelet is punctuated by the glittering violet of the amethyst. The stainless steel inserts were added to give a touch of light to the whole ensemble.

5mm braided fine Italian leather bracelet
Stainless steel adjustable clasp
Stainless steel inserts
Hand made in Switzerland
Iconic MLC1948 gift box
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All the bracelets in the Wind Rose collection (a collection dedicated to the elegant adventurer, the refined rebel, and the free spirit) have names inspired by constellations and stars used in navigation by explorer since the ancient times.
Fleur de Lys, a stylized lily, was used to mark the North on the Wind Rose. It is a decorating symbol used on the coats of arms of many cities around Europe and it is thought to date as far back as the ancient Eastern civilizations.



The name of this gemstone comes from the Greek amethystos , which means a-, “not” and methysko, “intoxicate”, a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness. The ancient Romans were already using this semi-precious stone for hard-stone engraving (the engraving of gemstones was a major luxury art during the Roman Empire).
The purple amethyst in addition to being a beautiful stone is considered to be February’s birthstone.
Read more about the characteristics and virtues of this beautiful crystal and about the other gemstones we have used for this collection in our Gemstone Guide.



The Wind Rose Collection is a tribute to the explorers who keep pushing the limits of our knowledge in every possible way. It is designed as a statement of bold, inquisitive, and refined elegance.
Beside the Wind Rose and the Compass, the ancient times explorers used the position of stars and constellations to guide them in their quests. This is why the bracelets in this collection were named after stars and constellations used for navigation.

The Story

MLC1948 was inspired by all the fortuitous encounters during the designer’s travels around the world.
It was created for those who understand that true elegance is never loud, for the elegant adventurers and refined rebels who believe that aesthetic is neither obsolete nor boring.


The world is our playground