Jewelry Care

Caring For Your MLC1948 Pieces

  • MLC1948 - Polaris - Onyx Beads Black Leather Bracelet


    Black leather bracelet with stainless steel inserts and a multi-faceted black onyx gemstone beads.


MLC1948 jewelry will be naturally beautiful for years to come. However, for long-lasting pieces, you need to know how to care for your jewelry, and we’re here to help!

We recommend that you avoid contact with the following substances:

– Perfume
– Chlorine
– Bleaches and other Cleaning Material
– Hairspray

We do not recommend that you go into the sea or swimming pool with your bracelet as this may damage the jewelry you’re wearing.

While silver has a tendency to darken, stainless steel stays shiny for a long time provided that you care for it.