Discover the Healing Stones Jewelry

Healing Stones and Their Meaning

Note: Healing crystals are not prescriptions or healthcare information. The healing crystals are a spiritual support to healing and not medical recommendation.


According to crystal healing experts, each gemstone used by MLC1948 in this new bracelet collection may help the wearer to find balance or to find relief from stress, to fins power to pursue their dreams, to focus, to calm, to strengthen one’s intuition, and the least of healing power of these beautiful gemstones can go on and on. 

MLC1948 uses healing stones of the best qualities. Each one of these beautiful stones comes from a different place around the world.

Discover the Healing Stones

Find your way through the labyrinth of healing stones, learn how to identify them and what their properties are.

MLC1948 creates beautiful jewelry pieces around these comforting spiritual crystals. We have selected one gemstone for each month of the year: the lucky birthstone.

You will find pictures, information, and jewelry  with red garnet, amethyst, labradorite, malachite, rose quartz, moonstone, tiger eye, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, goldstone or sunstone, smoky quartz, and black onyx.

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