After a quick search for leather bracelets (see image above), the (until now) very theoretical notion of branding had acquired, all of the sudden, a very practical meaning.

It has become obvious to me that if I wanted my products to stand out on this ocean of almost identical objects, something needs to be done.

And, this something, needs to go beyond the original idea behind branding – stamping a mark on the product. (Even though, that too is important.)

(You might need some more context to better understand where we are in the journey of building the MLC1948 brand, go to The MLC1948 Journey and have a quick read.)

To quickly summarized what happened since the big idea (creating a brand and giving it the impossible to pronounce name of MLC1948): I had a first unsuccessful attempt at creating a product, I have realized that I had first to understand who my target market is (obviously! In retrospect.), and I have made a first attempt at drafting the brand identity.

Now, I feel I can go back at designing the line of products.

I have to say that, beside the artistic drawing part (I still can’t possibly draw anything close to artistic), everything else worked pretty well.

While creating the logo for the brand, I have also found a slogan:

MLC1948 Fashion Accessories Logo Retina
Impossible to pronounce. Impossible to ignore. For the elegant adventurer.

Definitely for those with a developed sense of humor.

The whole collection is built around a precise person: the elegant adventurer. It is mainly unisex and it was split into four sub-collections: Carbon, Sand, Chocolate, and Rouge.

Gemstone inserts from all over the world have been added to each one of these sub-collections to match the color of the leather: violet amethyst, rose and smoky quartz, honey colored tiger eye, and black onyx.

Not to forget the actual stamp that was at the origin of branding.

At this point, the whole collection reflects the idea behind the brand: minimalist, elegant, sophisticated, and a little unconventional, with an explorer side to it.

This is a dynamic selection of the best selling items. Let’s see how it evolves over time.

With the product ready, it’s now time to take care of the other elements of the customer experience. More, in the next episode.

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