All the Birthstones in the Wind Rose Collection

Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Bracelets Collection

If you are looking for a personalized gift, a fashion jewelry with a birthstone may be your perfect choice. This piece of jewelry will always tell a story. It also shows the receiver of the gift that it was a thoughtful gift (and not a last minute, I really didn't know what gift to choose kind of gift).

For the Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Bracelets Wind Rose collection we have selected only five gemstones corresponding to five months. We have selected rose quartz for May, tiger eye for June, smoky quartz for November, black onyx for December, and Amethyst for February.

Discover what is the birthstone for the months list below. If your friend or love one is born during one of these months, they will surely appreciate a bracelet with their birthstone as a special birthday gift.


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